It’s better to give than receive. Being an international student in the country of opportunity doesn’t mean I don’t have an obligation for this country. I walk in the street where salt is kept on ice so that we won’t fall, I study in a university which has taught me to follow my dreams. I enjoy volunteering because I can give back to community where I live and it allows me to get to know the people living in the community. I can interact with the community and we can share our cultures. The process of learning doesn’t end. It’s always two sided like a coin. If this country is teaching me anything, it’s that my responsibility to give the knowledge I have learned in my home country, Nepal, (where we raise our hands to help others with no benefit in return and believe sharing is caring) to others.

I don’t see differences between the permanent address and current address because we need to live in the present. I am a rational human being who wants to enjoy a community. I give back to my community because it has given me a place to live.  Let us not hesitate to take a step for a better world. There are different ways to volunteer. Just pick one and go for it!

I don’t have words to explain how wonderful it was to help others and make some contribution to others. Seeing everyone working at a volunteer site enjoying what they are doing is good. It is not a matter of win or lose, but what matters is the participation in the event.

We should care about the environment where we live. Think of the society where we live rather than thinking only for ourselves. Let us be true with ourselves about time and give our time helping others. This means a lot to others.

What I gained by volunteering is that hard work is needed if we want to achieve something productive. I came to know how people can live no matter what their situation. It helped me know to what my strength and weakness are.  The joy I felt volunteering cannot be expressed in words.

I don’t think about which country I came from or why I serve others. What we need to think about is that the community we are in has to a lot to offer and we should be helping hands for the community.

Anish KC

Master in Economics



Eastern Illinois University's Civic Engagement and Volunteerism office is dedicated to cultivating citizens of character and integrity. We do this by offering EIU students purposeful opportunities and resources to complement the academic experience. By participating in these programs and services, students are challenged to explore their leadership potential through student-centered programming, service and experiential opportunities. Our programs and activities support Eastern’s mission of enhancing the learning, educational growth, and development of students.

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