Collectively, the staff in the Civic Engagement and Volunteerism Office (CEVO) at Eastern Illinois University is the lifeforce that propels the office’s mission.This post is the first of the Meet the CEVO Staff series. The purpose of this series is to share the stories of staff members that illustrate why volunteerism matters to them and how it’s made an impact on their experience at EIU.

Bailey Wilson is a Family & Consumer Sciences Junior from Champaign, IL. Bailey is the image2Eastern Illinois University CEVO Social Media administrator.

I first found out about the office when the previous director, Rachel, came to one of my classes and spoke. She mentioned that the office was hiring so I applied right away because I was looking for a job and I have always loved volunteer work my entire life, so what was a better fit for me!?

Volunteering has always been very important to me. Growing up, my family and community struggled a lot and people helped me more than  I ever could have dreamed. Since I have been given so much love and help over my lifetime, I feel it is important for me to pay it forward the rest of my life. I think that if I do everything I can for other people, it will pay back all those people who have helped me. Volunteering is not about what you’re actually doing; to me, it’s about the why. You have to find the reason to volunteer and then the actual volunteer work will be amazing. Doing great volunteer work that you’re really passionate about for someone who really needs it is like giving the best gift you could ever pick out for your best friend – it’s that sort of feeling.

EIU does AMAZING things in this community. Everywhere I go, I brag about the things that this office does; I tell people of the great organizations we partner with, tell them how to sign up on the website, and I share the awards and recognition the office receives for the things we’ve done. Personally, I see a lot of the work behind the scenes rather than being able to work at the events myself, but being in the office when people come back from an event and tell me of how much fun it was makes me truly believe in the great things we do here!

Find more information on our Facebook page or our website!


Eastern Illinois University's Civic Engagement and Volunteerism office is dedicated to cultivating citizens of character and integrity. We do this by offering EIU students purposeful opportunities and resources to complement the academic experience. By participating in these programs and services, students are challenged to explore their leadership potential through student-centered programming, service and experiential opportunities. Our programs and activities support Eastern’s mission of enhancing the learning, educational growth, and development of students.

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